About Inline company

INLINE Company is the general computer hardware, components and peripherals distributor with the 20-years IT-distribution market operating experience.

Among our partners there are well known computer equipment manufacturers, such as Acer, APC, Asus, TP-Link, Nvidia, Fort Automatics, Deepcool, PCCooler, Cougar, Gskill, Goodram, HP, InWin, LG, Microsoft, MSI, Palit, Samsung, Sapphire, and many others. The list of Inline vendors is permanently increased due to the new distribution agreements. When choosing the suppliers Inline focuses on the long-term relations mostly. Thus, our mission is to offer the best commercial co-operation conditions to the dealers.

INLINE dealers’ network covers all the Russian Federation including more than 1200 companies from 150 cities of Russia, while regional dealers make more than 70% on the whole. Inline service center provides our dealers with fast and competent after-sales service.

We offer:

  1. wide range of computer equipment, components and peripherals
  2. various business terms and custom approach for any dealer
  3. flexible credit program
  4. fast order processing at the Inline warehouse
  5. extensive marketing and information support
  6. fast and competent after-sales service
  7. Internet-based distant ordering system
  8. nation-wide delivery including Russian Federation and the CIS countries

If you are interested in cooperation with Inline, please contact us.

E-mail: info@i2b.ru